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Max Top Media is a global Ad Network company, founded by a group of professionals who were a part of the Online Marketing industry growth, for more than a decade. Our company’s mission and objectives are to provide our clients with the most suitable marketing solutions, designed specifically for their individual needs.

Why us?
Max Top Media is a mobile affiliate network that helps publishers to monetize their inventory by providing a variety advertising solutions, as well as all necessary tools for running advertising campaigns (tracking links, reporting, attribution, creatives etc.)
For advertisers, affiliate network services and benefits include payment processing, ad tracking technology, ad campaign reporting tools, as well as access to a vast database of publishers. Max Top Media works on a CPA (Cost per Action) and CPI (cost per install) based model which means that we can effectively deliver a 100% fill rate for publishers.
Through our wide-ranging and extensive experience, working with different advertising verticals, we have been very fortunate to be able to work with our previous ventures with many companies, helping them achieve great success.
Max Top Media developed its own affiliate platform based on AI technology that allows its publishers to run ad campaigns on their websites/apps and advertisers to buy targeted users from premium media publishers.
A part of the team's historical success is our quality offering, consisting of large traffic volumes and global coverage. We also believe that the success of our clients is the only success that matters, which is why we run our business the way we do.
1. Revenue

With Max Top Media, any Publisher can increase revenues from their current advertising space.

When choosing a network, many things matter. But perhaps most important is to work with an Ad Network that both understands and has the knowhow to define the most effective ads for your specific kind traffic, which will maximize profits and ensure stable revenue streams.

2. Quality

We believe and strive for long term partnerships. This has required us to make it our mission to invest resources in assisting our Publishers, to reach their goals, and to maximize successful practices, in the Online Marketing industry.

From us your business will receive a dedicated and focused Account Manager, helping you define the all-important advertisement strategy. This is especially important in regards to the relevant traffic, but also when assisting you with all related questions and suggestion you might have.

3. Success

We proudly integrate ad coverage from 196 countries, with a multi-channel monetization solution, which will help you monetize each user. This will enable you to maximize the entire opportunity of working with top quality brands, which can help improve the user’s experience and your end users.

Contact us today to join our Network as so many other successful Publishers have already done. We look forward to offering you all the advantages all our current Partners enjoy.

A few More Highlights
Fill Rate
Dedicated Account Manager
Proprietary Tracking Platform
1. Audience

With Max Top Media, Advertisers can get the targeted traffic they both want and need.

It is very important that ads reach the right audience to maximize effect and performance, achieve a certain ROI, and to increase a revenue stream.

2. Reliability

We are looking for professional and long terms partnerships, as it is our mission to bring our Advertisers quality users, which they need in order to be successful and reach their objectives.

When partnering with us, you will get a dedicated Account Manager, helping you develop a distinctive online marketing strategy, tailored to your needs, and assist you with all your questions and potential modifications.

3. Success

The large worldwide traffic volumes we deliver, will help you promote your product, grow your brand awareness, and increase market shares, which is key in this ever-increasing competitive line of marketing.

Contact us today and join all the other Advertisers that have already made their most important decision. Come be a part of our Network.

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